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კონსულტაციაზე ჩასაწერად აირჩიე ღილაკი: 

Laser Vision Correction

Alcon's latest FS200 femto and EX500 excimer lasers are used for laser vision correction at our center. Chichua Medical Center Mzera is the only clinic in Georgia which offers several different types of vision correction in order to customize treatment to patient needs and allows you to improve your vision according to your budget.

Cataract Surgery

Sutureless cataract surgery is performed using latest state-of-the art technology and involves thorough preoperative workup allowing us to customize your vision according to your needs. Alcon's intraocular lenses such as Acrysof IQ, Acrysof IQ Toric and Acrysof IQ Panoptix help you improve your vision, get rid of astigmatism and reading glasses.

Keratoconus Treatment

Oculus Pentacam and Topolyzer Vario are used to diagnose and monitor Keratoconus. Different types of Crosslinking are performed to stabilize the disease. Chichua Medical Center Mzera is the only center in Georgia, offering Topography-Guided Laser Vision Correction to Keratoconus patients.

Phakic IOLs

In cases of very high myopia implantation of phakic IOLs capable of correcting nearsightedness up to -18.0 Diopters is offered. Staar Surgical's EVO Visian ICLs are used for the procedure.

Glaucoma Treatment

In addition to comprehensive eye exam, special tests like Optical Coherence Tomography and Computed Perimetry are used to diagnose and monitor glaucoma. Different types of laser (iridotomy, trabeculoplasty, iridoplasty) as well as surgical procedures (standard trabeculectomy, implantation of different drainage devices) are performed according to patient needs.

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